2004 Hurricane Season

Now Bay News 9 wants you to be ready for the season. Join us for our special Surviving the Storm: Then and Now, as cheap nhl jerseys we show you how we’re predicting the storms and keeping you safe.

Surviving the Storm: Then and Now is available to watch now on Bright House Networks Local On Demand, Ch. I remember thinking that the Bay area’s luck had run out and that this one had targeted us for a direct hit.

Around lunch time I left work and was ready to go to higher when I was listening to a Bay cheap mitchell and ness throwback jerseys News 9 weather update. I think it was Mike Clay who said that there was a slight turning to the northeast and that we might escape the full fury of nike limited jersey review the storm.

As much as I felt sorry for the Ft. Myers area where my sister in law lives, I felt thankful that we had been spared once again. Friends of mine had gone to Orlando and even Tennessee. As it turned out both areas felt much more severe impacts than we did.

We lost power for a few days but not much more. I bought a generator that year and cheap saints gear have never needed it. Don’t want to get rid of it because you never know. Besides it could be my good luck charm.

Back in 2004 I was the Biomedical Equipment Specialist for the 53rd Support Battalion of the Florida Army National Guard. I can tell you that Hurricane Charley is one that many from the National Guard will not forget.

When they first started projecting Charlie to head up the Gulf Coast my unit china discount was put on alert. I lived near Pinellas Point in south Stt Petersburg, very close to our headquarters armory at the time, so I was on the short list of people who got called in to get things together just in case we had to deploy.

After a couple of rather boring days of getting trucks fueled and loaded in case we had to move, the orders came in, cheap hockey jerseys nhl all of our weapons and munitions were to be relocated to the center of the state. Personnel groups, mainly ambulance and medical support personnel, were being called up to state active duty. It started getting a bit hectic with people trying to take care of their families, at the same time we had a job to do, it is a tough side of service.

There are so many details I can sit here today and recall. This was my last major event with the National Guard before I received my honorable discharge. So it holds a bit more sentimental value for me I guess. I remember six or seven of us dropping off large trucks (2.5 ton and 5 ton cargo trucks) at the Haines City armory then riding back all crammed into one little Humvee like sardines.

We stopped at Hooters in Lakeland for lunch and had cheap jerseys online review a bunch of the girls want to take pictures with all of us men in uniform. I am sure I can stretch that into something off my bucket list. Once we got back to St Pete we loaded all the ammo, weapons, and ‘sensitive’ equipment into two trucks and sent them to Plant City to ride out the storm. More about that later.

So here we are, in south Saint Petersburg, Hurricane Charley heading ‘directly for us’ according to the news. We were in one of those areas that you news folks kept saying we would be facing ‘immanent death’ over and over, but it was our job to be in that area oddly enough. New meaning to the phrase ‘Come hell or high waters,’ I guess.

As the hours went by, we just waited, but then the news started talking about the storm was turning slightly, angelpickup.com then before you knew it the blasted thing had taken a hard right and leveled a whole lot of unprepared people down in Lee county. So off to Lee county we went in a long convoy.

The closer we got, the destruction was truly mind numbing, trees twice as thick as telephone poles snapped off about two feet above the ground as far as the eye could see. All of them laying in one direction. Almost like a giant rolling pin had come down and hockey jerseys from china rolled for miles. Buildings, trailers, cars, all just shredded and destroyed. We stopped at a Publix near Punta Gorda for a break on the long road march. There we found employees emptying the store of perishables, and across the street, ordinary people pulling lifeless bodies out from where a trailer park used to be. There was no evacuation notice given here until it was far too late.

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